Fat And Skinny Movers

You don’t want moving to your new house
to turn into a disaster, do you?

Do you want to handle your moving process on your own? Even though leaving it to the professionals is the wiser option, our professional moving help and labor are ready to help you for a fraction of the cost!

Why is moving such a nerve-wracking decision?

We all know how taxing moving to a new place can be. Yes, you’re moving to a potentially nicer place, a home that fits your growing family, and one that can contain your growing plans.
But on the other hand, you’re leaving your comfort zone, parting with your close friends, and braving the unknown journey of moving to a completely new place.
You’re also spending A LOT of money. On packing, on moving, on shipping, on your new house. Maybe you’re buying new furniture for the bigger spaces, new floors, new paint.
Now, imagine dropping your heavy couch on your fresh, expensive wooden floors?
The thought of that stings, doesn’t it?

We help you prevent your exciting moving day from turning into a disaster.

You see, moving isn’t only emotionally taxing; it’s also very physically taxing and
laboursome. You’re packing up your entire home, rushing back and forth between
different chores, loading and sorting the moving truck, all this for the expense of your own health. 

Why? Because If you’re tired, if your back, neck, and legs are killing you,
you will lose all motivation to see your new house.

So, here lies the dilemma: You don’t want to drain what’s left of your bank account
on an A-Z professional moving service.
At the same time, you don’t want your exciting moving
day ruined by an accident, a physical injury, or physical pain.

This is why Fat and Skinny movers created a moving help service for Denveritans looking for professional moving help on their moving day while also saving as much as possible
on their spending!

If you want to be involved in your moving process by packing and planning most of it on your own, but don’t want to do all the heavy lifting by yourself, our moving helpers can
save you time, stress, money, and most importantly, the risk of damaging yourself, your belongings, or your new house!

The trustworthy, on-time, and professional moving labor you need for a breezy, flawless move.

With us, you can save valuable time and money that can be directed towards making your new home a happier, safer place!

As many helpers as it takes to get the job done

At Fat and Skinny movers, we have the moving helpers and the resources to help you no matter the scale or the time of the operation all across Denver.

No need to bother your
friends and family

Spare your loved ones from the stress and the risks of moving, and save their excitement for the special tour of your new place. Let us do the heavy lifting!

Premium service and workmanship that won’t break the bank

We save cost without sacrificing quality and professionalism. So if our complete moving solutions don’t suit you, you can still get the same relieving help with our moving labor program.

What if you choose
to be a know-it-all?

Ask yourself this: are you really okay with damaging your belongings or your new home and potentially ruining the excitement of your moving day for yourself and everyone involved? Even worse, coming out of your moving day with a physical injury for you or a loved one. We both know it’s not worth it, so let us send over the cavalry and help you keep your moving day the exciting event that you always hoped for.

Your home and its belongings are the most intimate space of your life. Don’t let cookie-clutter moving services ruin them for you

450+ Customers have trusted us with their homes. Hear it from our clients themselves.

Raju SawRaju Saw
04:35 23 Dec 21
They were professional, fun to interact with, gracious, and fast. Each and every member was kind and courteous. If I ever need moving help again, I will definitely hire Fat and Skinny Movers. I can’t express enough how amazing of a movie I had with these crews.
Lucia tissueLucia tissue
05:49 22 Dec 21
Everything went very smoothly as far as their involvement. I am so pleased to have had them be a part of my move. They were absolutely excellent! Both men were efficient, considerate, friendly, hard-working, and diligent. I am extremely impressed by the care with which they handled my furniture & boxes.
Thadd BrittThadd Britt
21:10 20 Dec 21
They did a nice job with my move. Everything went real smooth. It took a little longer than I thought it would but they took care in protecting my items and not damaging them or the walls. I would rather them take a little longer and have no damage. Nice guys, professional and easy to work with. Thanks Alex!
Charli tessCharli tess
02:01 20 Dec 21
The team that they sent to move my heavy equipment showed up right on time and got straight to work. They were well prepared, professional, and quickly moved all of my heavy and delicate equipment without incident. The price was also less than the estimate. Highly recommend Fat and Skinny Movers.
Maria BergerMaria Berger
18:43 09 Dec 21
Absolutely amazing service. We called last minute due to some changes with our move and they made time for us that same day. They moved a 15ft full trail in less than 3 hours. They were very kind and did a wonderful job. Will definitely be using this company on our next move. I highly recommend them!

You don’t want moving to your new house
to turn into a disaster, do you?

100% Transparent

No Hidden

No Deposit
for Local Moving

Highly Responsible Movers

A very straightforward process
that’s tailored to your schedule.

How does it work?

1. Fill contact form or call to our service team

2. Describe to us your moving operation

3. Get upfront pricing

4. Schedule an available moving day

5. Our team will confirm everything, and you’re set to go!

Let’s recap: 0 risk of damage and physical injury, 0 risk of your valuable risks being damaged, and 0 stress for you, your friends, and your family. Only professional moving labor helps you carry out the perfectly calculated move you long for. Reach out to us today, and let’s discuss the when, the where, and the how!

Pricing For Moving Labor and Help

2 Professional Movers

Moving Equipment Included

No upsells, no extras, no hidden charges.

          Flat Rate
         $130 / hours
         All included

Get 2 Hours Moving Help Just For $260

**Best Value On The Market Guaranteed**

Price you see is the price you pay.

Price you see is the price you pay.